UPDATE:  Winterization letters have been sent (9/10/18)!  If you didn’t receive your letter, or would like to have a letter and form mailed to you, call our office at 540.297.7692 during office hours Tuesday – Saturday from 9am to 5 pm!

Winterization is the process of preparing your boat for the upcoming winter.  We have various “winterization packages” available for you to choose from.  Most of the packages include changing your boat’s oil which is a good idea to do so the boat is stored with clean oil.

We winterize hundreds of the boats on the lake, in the marina and some brought in by trailer,  so be sure to call in your order early!  We start receiving orders in August when some summer boaters are done with their boat for the year.  Most people call in their winterization order after Labor Day.  We mail out a winterization letter after Labor Day every year.

To schedule your winterization or to get a letter sent to you, call our office at 540.297.7692.  Our regular office hours are Tuesday thru Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.   Also, winterization forms can be filled out, scanned and e-mailed to us at:

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their support of our local business throughout the years!

Snow & Icicles at SMMS&S